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Consciousness: General, Self Evolution, Intuition
The Physics of Consciousness - Quantum Minds and the Meaning of Life The Conscious Mind - David Chalmers The Race for Consciousness Exploring Consciousness - Rita Carter
A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness Mind, Brains & Science, John R. Searle
Consciousness Reconsidered Zen and the Brain
Naturalization the Mind
Mind, Language & Society - Philsophy in the Real World, John Searle The Conscious Universe - Parts and Wholes in Physical Reality Biology of the Mind - Origins and Structures of Mind, Brain & Consciousness
Explaining Consciousness - The Hard Problem, Jonathan Shean The Directional Structure of Consciousness The Holotropic Mind - The Three Levels of Consciousness and How They Shape Our Lives A Universe of Consciousness - How Matter Becomes Imagination
Stalking The Wild Pendulum - On the Mechanics of Consiousness The Alphabet & the Goddess - The Conflict Between Word & Image, Leonard Shlain A History of Mind - Evolution and the Birth of Consciousness The Rediscovery of the Mind
Consciousness The Feeling of What Happens - Body and Emtion on the Making of Consciousness
In the Theater of Consciousness
Self Evolution
Conscious Evolution - Barbara Max Hubbard
Evolve Yourself, Rich Rahn The Evolving Self - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Exploring the Nature of Evolution and Human Consciousness
The Radiance of Being - Complexity, Chaos and the Evolution of Human Consciousness Finding Flow Flow - The Psychology of Optimal Experience
Cracking the Intuition Code, Understanding and Mastering Your Intuitive Power Intuition - The Path to Inner Wisdom