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August 11, 2004
Use Your Brain Or Lose It -
Brain's Reward Circuitry Revealed - National Institutes of Health
Pain In the Brain -
August 5, 2004
Study: Fearful Voters Go for Charisma -
August 3, 2004
Mental disorders common in substance abusers -
August 2, 2004
Brain sets boundaries of self -
August 1, 2004
What Dreams Are Made Of -
July 27, 2004
 Bilingualism keeps you sharp -
 Cocaine Affects Women's Brain Differently
 A potential new treatment for depression - News14Carolina
 Lithium may fend off Alzheimer's disease -
 Low-carb craze shrinks waistlines, brain cells -
July 22, 2004
 Brain Pain - 
 Grey matter matters for intellect -
 Walking monkey apes humans -
July 20, 2004
  Study bolsters antidepressant-suicide link -
  NASA Infrared Camera Helps Surgeons Map Brain Tumors -
  This Is Your Brain on Meth: A 'Forest Fire' of Damage -

Some Veggies May Aid the Brain -
  Cocaine Craving Activates Different Brain Regions in Women -
July 15, 2004
  From fatter foods to fitter foods -
July 14, 2004

Carnegie Mellon Neuroscientist Develops Tool To Image Brain Function At The Cellular Level -

July 11, 2004

Scientists probing why other diseases can cause memory loss -


MRI analysis shows brain connections that develop last decline first -


Brain makes you crave for your addictions! -

July 9, 2004

Brain Serotonin Enzyme Finding Might Explain Psychiatric Disorders -

July 8, 2004

Craving Centre Found in the Brain -


Gene Discovery Could Change Treatments for Depression -

July 7, 2004

Report: Mentally ill teens 'warehoused' in jails -


Gene Knockout Prevents Epilepsy in Mice -


Brain Enzyme Activity May be Linked to Teen Suicide - Dr. Koop


A Scientist Explains (audio) how the Brain changes When a Person's in Love

July 6, 2004

Gene silencing prevents hereditary brain disease in mice - New Scientist

July 2, 2004

Brain fooled into feeling fake hand

July 1, 2004

US patients die after getting rabies-infected organs


Big Blood Pressure Drop May Lead to Alzheimer's -


VR devices trick the brain into ignoring pain -

June 30, 2004

Migraine suffers experience brain freeze -


Music Builds Brains - The Kentucky Post


We learn while we sleep - Link discovered between slow brain waves and learning success -


New brain science and it's impact on your relationship -


Wakefulness Finds a Powerful Ally -

June 29, 2004

Mind Reading -


The Michael J. Fox Foundation Funds $2 Million to Solve Midbrain System Mysteries -


Nanotubes Boost Neuron Growth -


Stanford physicist selected for prestigious post -


Sex hormones alter the development of certain brain structures during puberty -

June 28, 2004

Taking Your Mind Off the Pain -


Brain images depict pain reduced by virtual reality -

June 25, 2004

Brain data tell story of why we respond -


Scientists use brain scanning to track the creative spark -

June 24, 2004

Research suggests the brain is a much more sensitive organ than originally perceived, sensitive to the tiniest of chemical signals - News-Medical.Net


Brain reacts differently to beauty, displeasure, loneliness -


Researchers use brain activity as marketing tool, obesity clue -

June 23, 2004

Using computers for long hours may prompt children to behave violently, neurologists says -


Links Between Teen Drinking, Alcoholism -


Richard Feynman: The Comic Physicist


Evidence for fat hormone target in brain -


Delayed brain development and its interaction with puberty key to learning difficulties - News-Medical.Net

June 22, 2004

Creative side unlocked by stroke -


Virtual reality significantly reduces pain-related brain activity -

June 17, 2004

$25-Million Gift for UCLA's Brain Research -


Scientists Predict Menopause Age -


Swingers may be slaves to genes - Scientists find promiscuous voles lack key brain function linked to monogamy -

June 16, 2004

New Techniques Emerge For Visualizing Thought -


Medicare to cover brain scans to help diagnose Alzheimer's -


Information teleported between atoms -

June 15, 2004

New Technique Developed For Deciphering Brain Recordings Can Capture Thinking As It Happens -

June 14, 2004

Panel to review pacemaker device for brain -


Brain records harmful events to predict future ones: Study -


Language is brain food -

June 11, 2004

Shocking Treatment for Depression - Wired News


Tutoring Changes Brain Activity -


Inside the stressed out -


Where long-term memories go -


Colours look brightest when we are 25! - The Times of India


Drunk People Have Greater Risk of Brain Injury -

June 10, 2004

Man's best friend is also a good listener, study shows


Humans play computer game using only brain waves to move pieces -


Brain builds early warning detection system by working out the odds on potentially harmful experiences


The brain stores emotional memories differently -

June 9, 2004

Brain learns like a robot: Scan shows how we form opinions -


Study gives new hope to brain cancer patients -


Imagine Your Way to a Better Memory? - ABCNews.go


Research: Brain genes start to slow at 40

June 7, 2004

Approach extends brain cancer survival -


Disease that affected former president takes its toll on millions -


Local snoozing makes for better learning -


Creating brain boosters demands smart approach -

June 4, 2004

How to eat smart -


Late invasion of infected cells into the brain causes HIV dementia say Temple researchers -

June 3, 2004

How to Tune In Your Brain Feel Confident with People in Moments


Biologists Discover Nerve Activity, Not Just Genetics Controls Kinds Of Neurotransmitters Produced -


Chemicals harm young brains -


How the brain interprets electrical impulses sent by neurons

June 2, 2004

Hoarders show unique brain pattern, study finds -


High-calorie meals often nutritionally deficient, UC Berkeley professor finds -

June 1, 2004

Fat Turned into Brain -


Study: Near-death experiences linked to abnormal brain patterns -


Making a Vivid Memory -


Scientists watch the brain wrestle with moral dilemmas -

May 28, 2004

Obesity, diabetes could reduce global lifespans -MSNBC


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder -


Advertisements trigger memories that smell good! -


Nanoparticles Used to Help Diagnose Brain

May 27, 2004

Human, chimp DNA changes

May 26, 2004

Good Workout Works Your Brain -


Remembrance of smells past: how the brain stores those meaningful memories -


Researchers Blame Brain Not Hormones For Teens' Erratic

May 25, 2004

Rat Study Shows That Exercise Promotes Neuron Growth -


Full moon exerts no pull on frequency of epileptic


Parkinson's tremors ripple through -


Who Has The Bigger Brain? Man Or Woman?


Poverty Raises Brain Tumor Risk -

May 24, 2004

Violent shaking brings brain injury -


Top Stories - Exams students 'fuel up on Ritalin' News


Left Brain Damage May Make People More Vulnerable to Infection - Newswise

May 21, 2004

Brain exercises helped children beat dyslexia -


Does the Brain Determine Sexual Orientation? -


Could the brain become redundant?


Brain can mistake color, motion in objects -


Deep Brain Stimulation


Thousands in UK may unknowingly have meat-linked brain disease. - ABC News Online

May 19, 2004

Lasers can scan breath for lung diseases


New hope for brain tumor patients -


Tricks the Brain Plays -

May 18, 2004

Brain Under Strain -


Animal Study Shows Nicotine's Affect on Young Brain -


Imaging Study Shows Brain Maturing -

May 17, 2004

Diabetes linked to increased Alzheimer's risk -


Check out the invisibility cloak -


No answers found in brains of serial killers - L.A. Daily News

May 13, 2004

Air pollution linked to inherited mutations -


Did meteor lead to greatest extinction? -


News - Study: Brain Prefers Working for Cash -

May 12, 2004

Study allows researchers to visualize formation of a memory -


Video Therapy Helps Train Chronic Fatigue Patients' Brains -


Washing Your Hair Could Affect Your Memory -


Brain 'may trigger over-eating' - BBC NEWS


Two Brain Areas Critical for Short-Term Memory -

May 11, 2004

Early learning should be a priority

May 10, 2004

Brain stimulation may help spinal injury -MSNBC


Brain curse strikes musicians -

May 7, 2004

Bush's Brain


Brain memory bank is 'key' to Alzheimer's -

May 6, 2004

Report: U.S. losing ground in science education -


U.S. women's health care gets failing grade -MSNBC


Scientists say Neanderthals grew up faster than we do -

May 5, 2004

Diabetes now kills more people than AIDS -


Brain cooling cuts risk to babies -

May 4, 2004

U.S. children's blood pressure rising - MSNBC


Astronomers Peer Into Our Universe's Dark Age - Universe Today


Neuron discovery shows sports obsession is really all in the brain -


Evolution, creationism and the environment -


No evolution for Italian teens -


Mammals have multiple timers: Biological clock watching shows not all are set by daylight -


Dental pulp cells may hold key to treatment of Parkinson's disease -


How jet lag puts you in two minds -


To keep brain fit, sing tunes and paint - Detroit Free Press


Human brain works heavy statistics learning language -


'Chemical Thumbprint' Can Help Determine If Brain Tumor Is Returning Or Dying -


Brain Cells Show Gender Difference - YahooNews

May 3, 2004

'Quantum revolution' will power future technology -


Californians Say, 'Teach Scientific Evidence Both for and Against Darwinian Evolution,' Show New Polls - YahooNews


Creativity may play key role in healthy aging -


Tobacco stunts your grey matter, claim scientists -


Boy with brain damage cited by Gore dies -


MR Spectroscopy Aids in Distinguishing Recurring Brain Tumors from Similar-Appearing Changes Related to Treatment -


- Download This: Back Up Your Brain -


Brain trust in U.S. falling behind times -


Cockatiel's no bird brain


Brain Watching Helps Suppress Pain - New Scientist


Chemical brain scans may help reassure brain tumor patients -


Instruments may have spread brain disease -


Brain scans yield insights into Eureka moments -

April 30, 2004

Bone Marrow Cells Turn Into Brain Cells Study Finds -

April 29, 2004

Millions in U.S. believed to be pre-diabetic -


Researchers identify genes involved in evolution of brain development - Chicago Chronicle


Control the Pain with your Brain -


Brain volume loss may predict dementia - (United Press International)


'Brain Fingerprinting' Center Eyes Site In Colorado -

April 28, 2004

New genetically based brain surgery treats Alzheimer's - BBC news


Language 'Center' Of Brain Shifts With Age -

April 27, 2004

MSNBC - Exercise helps keep aging brains sharp -


MSNBC - Prozac during pregnancy may affect babies


Study finds exercise staves off aging effects on the brain -


Albany Med team publishes research on neuron cell generation breakthrough -


Curis Issued U.S. Patent Covering Methods of Treating Motor Neuron Disorders such as Spinal Cord Injury and ALS -


Harnessing the brain through meditation -


Researchers Keep Count Of Music's Effect On Brain -


Ecstasy Linked to Long-Term Brain Damage -


Winning the battle of the bulge: We're a scrimmage closer to victory -


Scientists See Effects of Aging in Brain - Scientific

April 26, 2004

Egyptologists find maze with 50 mummies -


Report finds heart disease a global threat -


Diary of Einstein's girlfriend offers rare look at physicist's final years -


Obesity May Be in Your Head - PakTribune


Reading Programs Increase Brain Connections, Study Says - Dr. Koop


How sleep deprivation affects brain -


Want to save your brain? Try a board game -


Bionic man's amazing brain operation - Peterborough Now


Campaign Ads And Brain Waves -


Why my brain hates your mistakes -

April 23, 2004

Prenatal Exposure to Nicotine Spells Trouble Later -


Tricking your brain into losing weight by substituting smells

April 22, 2004
Physicist: Theories take a creative mind -

Women's Brain Lapses Caused by Iron Deficiency -


Your Brain Doesn't Like Math


Brain Signal Predicts Working Memory Prowess

April 21, 2004

Mice born without a dad's DNA -


Arecibo Radiotelescope Made Incredibly More Sensitive -


Future Value of Statin Drugs for Alzheimer's Quickly Growing According to Nymox -


Researchers have discovered a genetic mutation associated with an inherited form of motor neuron disease -


Oldest Hemoglobin Ancestors Offer Clues To Earliest Oxygen-Based Life -


Chronic Cocaine Use Appears to Lower Brain's Dopamine Neurons


HIV attacks brain cells and leads to dementia, study says - UK


The Brain's Flashy Tale -


Chocolate addiction and the brain -

April 20, 2004

Satellite launches to test Einstein's gravity theory - CBS News


Fewer doctors urge weight loss -


Food Images Switch On Brain -


UCLA maps link of brain and politics -


Imaging study reveals brain function of poor readers can improve -


New evidence that brain circuits involved in drug addiction are also activated by the desire for food -


Brains Could Hold Clue to Political Preference -


Brain cells become more discriminating when they work together


Brain scans examine science of politics -


Politics on the brain -

April 19, 2004

Amazon shrinkage alarms activists -


Fly With Brain Tumor May Shed Light On Cancer Causing Genes -


Experts stress post-exercise eating -


Brain Dangers of Plastic Surgery -


Testosterone Autism Link Discovery -


SpeechEasy(R) to Provide People Who Stutter With Free and Reduced-Cost Fluency Devices -


New study on attention disorders and television should be heeded -


Shell Beads From South African Cave Show Modern Human Behavior 75,000 Years Ago -


Q&A: Is a glass of wine (or two) good for you? -


Scientists sharpen marketing techniques -


Scientists probe brain folds -


Brain chips could help paralysed - BBC NEWS

April 16, 2004

Storage Limits In The Brain's Visual Hard Drive -


Will nanotech save the world or is it mostly hype? -


What a brain: the remarkable evolution of what sets humans apart - Seattle Times


Three Drinks a Day can Cause Brain Damage


Memory bottleneck limits intelligence: Single spot in brain determines size of visual scratch pad -

April 15, 2004

Report: U.S. children get uneven health care -


Brain areas identified that 'decode' emotions of others -


Making sense of the brain's mind-boggling complexity by leading scientists -


New Technologies help to improve Cancer survival rate - The Daily Interlake


"Neurons" Created from Muscle Stem Cells -


Researchers explore source of hunger -


Genetic mutation raises interesting questions about the evolution of the Y chromosome -


Oldest-known arm bone found explains animal evolution from water to land - Chicago Univ. Chronicle


Researchers Close In On How Gene Changes Lead To New Traits -


Too much TV could rewire tot's brain -


The President's Brain is Missing -


Storage Limits On Our Visual Hard Drive -

April 14, 2004

Eureka! Our brains light up -


FDA Approvals Brain Implant Devices -


Neurochem Reports Positive Alzheimer's Trial Data - Reuters


Heavy Social Drinkers Show Brain Damage - Reuters

April 13, 2004

Can tai chi heal? Researchers try to find out -


Brain-powered devices are set for a test in 5 paralysis victims -


The brain is beauty's final arbiter -


Advanced scans being used to probe autism - Globetechnology


Scientist sticks neck out in bid to patch memory -

April 12, 2004

Life Beyond Earth Likely to be Microscopic -


After 45 Years (and $700 Million), a Gravity Experiment Takes Flight -


With Tiny Brain Implants, Just Thinking May Make It So -


No Time for Bullies: Baboons Retool Their Culture -


New telescope in Chile to scan universe -


'The Fabric of the Cosmos': Weird Science -


Brain drain - that's enough entertainment, thanks -


We can build better brains -


Teen drug use on the rise -


Labor Drug Might Affect Offspring Brain -Planet Ark


Vitamins the key to memory - Herald Sun


Both halves of brain add up to math whizes -

April 9, 2004

New Cerebral Palsy Guidelines Issued -


FDA Warns of Lead in Some Mexican Candy -


HGH Linked to Brain Eater - Wired News

April 8, 2004

Dangerous space asteroids under watch -


Great galaxies! Stars on the wane -


Study:Low 'health literacy' widespread -


Bran Scans - They know what you're thinking -


New Class of Obesity Drugs on the Horizon -


Dealing with headache pain -


Cholesteral Drugs Tied to Birth Defects -

April 7, 2004

Boston Exhibit Honors Einstein's genius -


Condoleezza Rice, Richard Clarke and the Nature of Human Memory -


Cholesterol Drugs Tied to Birth Defects -


Intel cuts chip lead content linked to brain damage -


Inactivation of Alzheimer's genes causes dementia, brain degeneration -


Science and the Bush Administration -


Labs say they have nearly all tools to make artificial life -


New Evidence That Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Fish, Halt Mental Decline Later in Life -


New brain sciences center at Max Plank Institute


Lack of Specific Brain Protein Causes Learning and Memory Deficiencies

April 6, 2004

Georgia evolution debate goes to trial - MSNBC


Researchers probe link between nanotechnology and health -


Baby teeth to fight Parkinson's disease -


Adolescents Are Neurologically More Vulnerable to Addictions -


Exercising the brain can lead to better business decisions -


How your brain discards unwanted memories -


Brain Scans To Diagnose ADHD with Accuracy -


Cinnamon boosts brain activity -


Brain activity, including memory-processing, changes in Tourette syndrome


U.S. plans study on environment and kids -


Alzheimer's cuts life expectancy in half - MSNBC


Antioxidant supplement Q-10 fights brain diseases - Medical Posting

April 5, 2004

Americans' low-carb attempts fall short -MSNBC


30th Year Anniversary of Black Hole Discovery - AP Wire


Stroke Therapy Helps Cerebral Palsy -


Brain could power artificial limbs - BBC News


Genetic basis of hereditary nerve disorder revealed -


Satellite, 45 years in the making, to test Einstein predictions -


New quasar studies set stringent limit -


On science, Bob Newhart and the 'butterfly effect' - HeraldNet:


New insights into human genetics -


TV may cause attention deficit in 2 year olds -

April 2, 2004

Load up on greens to lose weight -


The mysteries of time and sleep -


Brain Stem Cell "Fountain of Youth" Discovered -


Brain machine for instant genius - Herald Sun


Fat hormone can rewire brain - Reuters

April 1, 2004

Universe could be teeming with life, says study -


How did fins evolve into feet? -


Arm bone fossil shows evolutionary step -


Artifacts Support Evolution of Symbolic Thinking in Middle Stone Age -


Fins to Limbs: New Fossil Gives Evolution Insight -


Study: Pets trigger feel good hormones -


Norepinephrine important in retrieving memories -


Inactivation of Alzheimer's disease genes in mice causes dementia and brain degeneration


Surgeons explore new treatment for Tourette syndrome -


Hereditary Link to Autism Discovered -


Sixty Percent of Schizophrenics Don't Take Meds as Directed -


Brain-Imaging Offers Clues to Inhalant Abuse


Laboratory Rat Genome Completed -


Language Gene in Birds a Mutated Form in Humans -

March 31, 2004

'ICONIC Grid' Speeds Brain Wave Analysis - Univ.ofOregon


Personal Chefs Meet Healthy Eating Need -


New Study Finds Fundamental Force Hasn't Changed Over Time


Thinking with your emotions will hurt you, experts say -


Music Helps Brain During Exercise -


Study Shows Positive Impact of Meditation on Brain, Anti-bodies -

March 30, 2004

Survey: Kids, parents missing sleep -


Advance in radiotherapy treatment treats tumors -


Ion man who went back in time -


And The Scientists Said, Let There Be Life


Memory Missteps Create an Industry -


Sedative may offer new direction in colon cancer treatment -


Proven method of bone analysis may clarify human origins -


Stem Cell Research Exciting but not to Investors -

March 29, 2004

Monkey virus may hold clue for development of common blood cancer -


Brain Chemistry: Alcohol Enhances Smoking Addiction -


A New Era in Treating Imaginary Ills -


National Sleep Awareness Week thru April 4 -


Licorice Root May Keep Mental Skills Sharp -


Powerful stem cells harnessed to search for cancer metastasis -


UC Berkeley experts offer website on facing 'pitfalls' of teaching evolution -


Professor predicts bleak future of war and machines - The Utah Statesman


Brain Scans may predict Schizophrenia in Advance -

March 26, 2004

New exhibit explores human evolution -


Got the love fever? Blame biology, evolution


Prehistoric DNA to Help Solve Human-Evolution Mysteries? -


Newly Identified Gene Linked To Brain Development -

March 25, 2004

Study partly blames fructose for obesity jump -


Study: Exercising to music pumps up brain power -


Environment 'stunts young brains' -


Human Studies Show Feasibility Of Brain-machine Interfaces -ScienceDaily


TechEn Awarded Funding to Advance Brain Monitoring Device -

March 24, 2004

The human brain and comparative judgments -


Obesity is worst health problem for kids -


Common preemie drug may damage brain -


Thought Control Tech Tried on Humans -


Scientists debate suggestion jaw mutation led to evolution -

March 23, 2004

Internet Makes Hypochondria Worse -


Cutting calories extends life -


Thousands to take part in Alzheimer's study -


Physics a natural pull for American Indian -


Wakefulness a nightmare for troubled sleepers --


How to fight low energy -


Carbs keep you going - network


Hangovers and the Brain


Innovative thinking captures prizes


The Evolution of Eating Meat -


University Plans Human Stem Cell Trials -


Executive plans to give $1 million to Scripps -


Scientists's Nanofoam Invention Notable -


More clues to Autism's origins -


Smoking bad for aging brain -

March 22, 2004

New hope for Alzheimer's vaccine -


Lifestyle Choices Today Sharpen Mental Performance Tomorrow


FDA urges monitoring of patients on antidepressants - The Seattle Times


Brain-controlled video game made -

March 19, 2004

New massive subatomic particle created -


How to eat smart - Psychology Today


Rare stem cells appear to drive some brain tumors


Really Dreamy -


Review: 'Eternal Sunshine' Is A Mind-Bending Experience -


Diet And Fitness - Childhood Foods Not Best Choices For Adults -


Meat tolerant genes offset high cholesterol and disease -


How the Moon led to life on Earth -


Evolution's twist -


FDA: Kids, Some Women Should Limit Fish -


Geneticist who advanced neurogenetics wins Franklin Institute Award


Your Brain - Use it or lose it -

March 18, 2004

WHO: Legal drugs pose greatest health threat -


Study supports new mass extinction theory -


Cheer for Manic Depressives - the Happy Force - Times


Not all dementia is Alzheimer's disease - Medical Posting


FoodnMood: Save Your Brain -


Parkinson's Risk Higher for Men - YahooNews


Can Fruits and Vegetables Really Improve Brain Power? -


Pregnant women told to beware of mercury in fish by European Union -

March 17, 2004

Brain Enzyme A Fat-Fighting Tool? -

March 16, 2004

Painkiller patch works as well as needle delivery -


Neuromarketing - Companies turn to powerful brain-scan tech - (Newsweek)


'Bush's Brain' documentary cracks it open for all to see -


Brain chemical may help narcolepsy -


Einstein's Effect - 125th Birthday March 14th


Same-sex orientation rooted in biology, Pulitzer Price professor says


Scientists move closer to cure for damaged nerve cells -


Male brains respond stronger to sexual stimuli than women's -


Brains shown to react alike when viewing similar scenes -


"Take Five" Good For Brain -


A New Hypothesis About Alzheimer's Disease -


Memories are harder to forget than currently thought -


ADHD complicates studies for some -

March 15, 2004

Fighting forgetfulness


New Brain Test to Spot Trained Terrorists -


A Speed Limit on Thought? -


Video Games Affect Brain


Yale scientists, theologians bring beliefs to the same table -


Our brains are attuned to religious


Brain as Artistic Metaphor - Press Release


Neuromarketing using Brain Imaging - Rocky Mountain


Neural Prosthetics Becoming Reality -


Scientists: Most distant object in solar system found -

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