Review of Brain Channels

By Paul (the Soaring) Siegle, Learning Fountain Network

January 22, 2001 Newsletter to Members

Brain Channels is a high-tech site and an excellent Learning Fountain at the same time. After having visited and been irritated by interminable Flash introductions and other time-consuming egotistical high-tech "choreography," I was very pleasantly surprised by this site. It uses technology to help the visitor learn, not for empty gestures. It offers real interactive learning.

Brain Channels, as the name implies, stimulates your brain with tools to help your understanding, visualization and imagination. Here are but a few things you may do (not just see) on this site:

- Learn the relationship between the sine function and a sine wave by varying the angle

- Play with a spirograph to produce a tremendous number of patterns

- "Travel" to the stars in the sky

- Play interactive intellectual games and puzzles

There are many other things you may learn by doing here. Visit this site to gather ideas on how you may apply interactive learning to your site.